Alexander and the Gate

Alexander was a big pig, who lived at Hocker’s Farm. This was the farm that belonged to my Nana and Grandad. There were quite a lot of other pigs at the farm, but Alexander thought that he was the most important, because he was the biggest, strongest one, and he was always pushing the others around. Grandad got cross about that, and said that if Alexander didn’t behave he would have to live in a sty by himself.

“Good,” said the big pig, “I’m so important that I have a house of my own.”

For a while he liked being the only pig with his own sty, but then he started to feel a bit lonely. One day, the other pigs were taken down the farm lane and put into another field where potatoes had been growing. Most of the potatoes had been dug up and put into store, but some had been left in the ground and the pigs were to root them up and eat them, so that they wouldn’t be wasted.

When Alexander saw the others going down the lane with Grandad, he guessed where they were going and wished he could go too, but the gate to the little yard in front of his sty was firmly shut. He thought for a little while, and then he said to himself,

“If I run very, very fast, and hit that gate very hard, it will fall down, and I can go down to the potato field by myself. I know the way, and I would like to root up some dinner for myself.”

He went to the very back of the yard, took a deep breath and ran as fast as he could at the gate. He hit it – BANG!  But it didn’t fall down! It was stuck round his neck, like a big collar. The gate was very heavy, but Alexander was a very strong pig, and he thought he could carry the gate down the lane to the potato field, so off he went. At first he trotted, then he slowed down to a walk, and then he felt so tired that he had to stop to have a rest. Grandad had heard the noise and came to see what was happening. He called Uncle Will to help him, and together they managed to get the gate off Alexander’s neck. By that time, Alexander was so tired that all he wanted to do was to walk slowly back to his house and have a good sleep.

When he woke up, he found a nice lot of potatoes in his trough, and he felt a lot better after he had eaten them.

After that Alexander seemed to be much better behaved, and soon Grandad let him go back to be with the other pigs, and he wasn’t lonely any more.

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